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The details are more fascinating but here's the gist:

I've lived many lifetimes throughout history as a person who became renowned at a young age.

I was envied by many ignominious spirits on the other side and made a bet that I could become renowned at any age.

To make it even more interesting, Aesop suggested we throw in a counterpart and it was agreed upon by all.

In this life I had to wait for a code in the form of a riddle on when I could commence to greatness. My clue would be two numbers of a span and I must wait until 75% of that time had elapsed.

My rival, whom we'll call the Tortoise, had no such restrictions and commenced very young. Who Tortoise is not yet revealed to me. He must be very successful and on the verge of something big which will certainly defeat me.

Moving on..

Dropping out of school in 8th grade, I was self-educated in libraries. While reading a biography on Henry Ford (I was age 16), I read his quote: "A man makes his fortune between the ages of 40 and 60."

Here was my code!

The 75% of age 40 would be 30; Too young. For age 60, it would be 45. But 45 came and went, and I had to rethink the riddle.

Of Course! It was not the ages 40 or 60, but the 20 year span between them! 75% of that time elapsed would be age 55!

The Tortoise would have a 35 year head start on me in the race to 60!

In 2019, I finally turned 55! Thank God! My life of frustration would be over!

Now the question- What would I do?

Keep in mind, the agreement strictly forbade any previous experience in the chosen endeavor. I must also start in absolute obscurity or there'd be Hell to pay. Literally.

The Heavens sent many signs that I was to be an artist (CRAZY synchronicity detailed in my autobiography).

Now, other than painting a near perfect copy of Ernst Kirchner's "Two Women" a couple years back, or as a second-grader, I've never drawn a thing in my life. Honestly, I never even had the inclination or desire to. I've written perfect sonnets, songs or jokes in the 1000s, but drawing a straight line would be something entirely new.

So. There you have it! I have about 4 years to do something as an artist that will beat the Tortoise and win my bet!

Situations like this make me completely delusional. I'm already receiving phone calls from MoMA in my mind.

What's weirder though is, I've gotten so used to being obscure, I have no desire to be great or famous.

But a bet's a bet.

In conclusion, these Bitcoin doodles won't get me into MoMA.


But you gotta start somewhere.

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